Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marian Expedition (5-16-08) Part II

So the bus did went on and on and on as I deeply drowsed to sleep. But even as I sleep, I can really feel my head banging left, then right, then left. When i woke up, the people are all laughing due to the zigzag road we just passed through.
So we finally arrived to Sta. Maria, Laguna at about 8:50 in the morning. We went inside the church and started chanting our prayer for the Second Church. After that, Me and my mom decided to do a mini photo shoot in the grotto just in front of the church. One of the frames are in the left side. By the way, I'm sorry for my pose, I just love posing a lot!

The church was kind of old in the outside, just like the Barrio-type Churches of Laguna. but the people were so welcoming there and even shared a part of their churches History which I failed to her because my ears were a bit impaired. Just a bit and the Lady's voice was so soft which added to the reason.

Then right after, We went to the next Church in Pangil, Laguna. The road there was spectacular. The fields were so beautiful! And I mean vast fields full of rice. You can even imagine yourself sitting on its middle and reading a book with a jug of orange juice beside you! I took a shot of the blissful fields while we were on the bus as you can see on the right. It reminded me of the Bliss Wallpaper of Windows XP.

Now, at Pangil , Laguna, The road starts to narrow and the bus really begins to have a hard time passing through but as you do, you can see the beautiful ancestral houses that lined up the narrow roads!
As we entered the church, It was OK but something bothered most of us, the smell, I'm sorry to tell but it smells like rats. But it's OK we just went in because It's the prayer why we went there in the first place. So after we have prayed for the third church, we took shots of the beautiful saints. Most of them are Mama Mary. The one on the left shows the birth of Mary and on the right, the pregnant Mary. Both are said to be given by Prince Carlos of Spain to the parish just before he became King. He even is said to lived in Pangil for like three years. And as we rode the bus, we looked forward for another long drive and another experience, another church.

Click on the Thumbnails below if you wish to see a larger view via flickr. Stay tuned for the third installment of my Marian Pilgrimage Experience.


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